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Hand luggage
Passengers are advised to bring cash money and valuable goods such as laptops, keys, photo cameras, or jewelry, but also important medicine and travel documents in their hand luggage. To avoid scissors, knives, screwdrivers, or nail files being confiscated by security guards, passengers are advised to put such items into their checked-in luggage.


Forbidden items in both hand luggage and checked-in luggage

The following items are absolutely prohibited to bring on board with hand luggage or checked-in luggage

  • explosives, ammunition, firework displays, and illumination rockets,
  • alcoholic beverages containing more than 70% of alcohol,
  • briefcases with integrated alarm devices,
  • any types of gas, including camping-gas or liquified petroleum gas,
  • inflammable liquids, including liquid for lighters, tints, or paint thinners,
  • inflammable hard substances, such as matches and other easily flammable materials,
  • oxygenating substances, such as led powder or peroxides,
  • toxic substances and germs,
  • radioactive material,
  • corrosive substances, such as mercury (thermometers), acid, alkali, and cell battery liquid,
  • wheelchairs or similar machines powered by liquid cell batteries,
  • magnetic substances and various dangerous goods, as listed in the dangerous goods list of the IATA (see www.iata.org),
  • self-defense tools such as tear gas, nutmeg, and pepper spray.


Which items are exempt from the above list?

  • medicine and medical tools
  • toiletry
  • smoking utensils (except from petrol lighters)
  • alcoholic beverages in small quantities


How much can passengers bring aboard?

For security reasons, passengers can only bring one piece of hand luggage, with a maximum weight of 5 kg and a maximum size of 55 x 40 x 20 centimeters.


Where to store hand luggage during the flight?

Hand luggage has to be stored in the hand luggage compartments above the seats (if available), or under the seat in front. No hand luggage is allowed next to emergency exits and in the front row of the plane. The instructions of flight attendants have to be followed.


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