Forbidden items

Forbidden items in both hand luggage and checked-in luggage

The following items are absolutely prohibited to bring on board with hand luggage or checked-in luggage

  • explosives, ammunition, firework displays, and illumination rockets,
  • alcoholic beverages containing more than 70% of alcohol,
  • briefcases with integrated alarm devices,
  • any types of gas, including camping-gas or liquified petroleum gas,
  • inflammable liquids, including liquid for lighters, tints, or paint thinners,
  • inflammable hard substances, such as matches and other easily flammable materials,
  • oxygenating substances, such as led powder or peroxides,
  • toxic substances and germs,
  • radioactive material,
  • corrosive substances, such as mercury (thermometers), acid, alkali, and cell battery liquid,
  • wheelchairs or similar machines powered by liquid cell batteries,
  • magnetic substances and various dangerous goods, as listed in the dangerous goods list of the IATA (see,
  • self-defense tools such as tear gas, nutmeg, and pepper spray.